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The Odd History OfKumdo

From its origins in Japanese Kendo, the Korean martial arts style known as Kumdo has a long, strange history. This is a design of martial arts that is kept in mind for its contemporary approach to the martial arts principle as an entire, but that is far from the only thing that defines this particular discipline.

Although Kumdo can be romanized in a range of ways, such as Komdo or Geomdo, the translation basically stays the same. It is meant to refer to "the method of the sword." From that translation alone, you need to be able to establish a very clear idea of what one can gain from a serious research of Kumdo.

It is Japanese in its origin story; Kumdo is related to and accepted in Korean culture as a Korean technique to martial arts. This is yet another unique component to Kumdo, however it is by no means the only thing that enables Kumdo to remain to be so extremely concerned.

History And Background

Kumdo has actually ended up being something of a generalized way of explaining Korean martial arts designs that highlight swordplay. For this reason, it is necessary to keep in mind the difference in between approaches that concentrates on the martial, compared with a practice that puts its focus on sport/competitive accomplishment.

Kumdo advancement can be traced back to the dawn of the 20th century. It was in 1895 that the All-Japan Martial Virtue Society was developed. This group wanted to promote an assortment of Japanese arts. From this point, Kumdo started a developmental process that remains to this day. It was likewise during 1895 that numerous Japanese advisors made their method into Korea.

The training, the ranking levels offered to ambitious students, and the clothing are all components to Kumdo that are worth studying. You'll discover that the clothing worn by Kumdo students is relatively comparable to exactly what is worn by Kendo students.


In terms of martial arts styles, the Korean martial arts form known as KukSool Won is a relatively new idea. However, it is necessary to remember that the origins of this design stretch back far beyond the years where it was technically developed.

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History aside, this design is an excellent type of martial arts, one which has consistently shown off the ability to alter with the times. For instance, it now enables students to safeguard themselves from those who have guns. The weapons improvisation capacity

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KukSool Won particularly is a bit on the younger side of things. Components of its origin story can be really quickly traced back to the early years of the 20th century; it wasn't until 1961 that KukSool Won was established formally.

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